Why I Support Libby: Michele-Anne & Mac Riley

“Throughout her time in public service, she’s applied smart, thoughtful, and common-sense practices to complex challenges, oftentimes providing the critical bridge between those with widely divergent viewpoints. Libby’s demonstrated grace under pressure; her non-stop “can do” determination, her listening ear and measured voice, and her impactful day-in and day-out record of achievement throughout her time […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Darnell Carpenter

“Libby’s contributions to Arlington County are her pragmatic and fiscally responsible, deliberative style whose accomplishments are lauded Countywide by citizens on both sides of the aisle, as well as by those who don’t participate in the political game. This speaks volumes about whom she is accountable to and that remains the Citizens of Arlington! Libby’s […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Ray Anderson

“I’ve known Libby Garvey from before she was elected to the School Board, and have always respected her careful and considered approach to problems. She doesn’t rush in to find a quick solution; but when she has finished her study and come to a conclusion, she will be a strong and unwavering advocate for it.” […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Former US Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra

“I’m proud to support Libby because of her passion for delivering a more inclusive, prosperous future for Arlington by tapping into the expertise of our fellow Arlingtonians. Together she’ll lead us to solve problems in a more open and collaborative manner, from diversifying our economy to restoring faith in our capacity to govern.” — Aneesh […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Former School Board Member Frank Wilson

“Libby was a great partner on the school board as we worked together with our colleagues to reduce the achievement gap, and build and renovate schools — on time and on budget. We kept our focus on what is good for children and it helped create one of the best school systems in the nation. […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos

“Libby has demonstrated independent thought in her approach to the issues facing Arlington during her years on the School Board and the County Board. She is willing to consider the perspectives of all to reach the best outcomes for the community.” — Theo Stamos Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County and the City of Falls Church


Why I Support Libby: Sally Hill Cooper

“Libby’s ability to listen, her courage, and her sense of fair play are assets for Arlington County!” — Sally Hill Cooper


5/14 – Cocktail Reception with Libby

Carol Ann Bischoff and Mike Regan, Dale Proctor and David Charles, Michele-Anne Ebe-Riley and Mac Riley, Kathy and Conrad Rehill cordially invite you to a spring cocktail reception supporting Libby Garvey’s reelection to the Arlington County Board. Tickets available here: Saturday, May 14, 2016 4:00-6:00 PM Home of Mac and Michele-Anne Riley Eastman-Fenwick House […] Read more

Apr, 30, 2016




Help Me Spread The Word

With 60 days to go until the June 14th primary, the campaign is in full swing. Thank you to those who have been walking with me and hosting coffees so I can meet neighbors all around Arlington. I have been very heartened by the response I am receiving. We in Arlington elect leaders with a positive vision – […] Read more

Apr, 14, 2016



Why I Support Libby: Former School Board Member Noah Simon

“Libby’s dedication to Arlington and willingness to listen make her a great County Board member. More importantly, her kindness and caring which she’s shown to my family over the years make her a great person.” — Noah Simon Arlington School Board Member, 2013-14


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