Why I Support Libby: Dan Dixon

“Libby brings a unique combination of skills to Arlington. Her creative energy reminds me of a Millennial, yet her enormous breadth of local knowledge suggests someone who’s been around forever. She’s an open-minded problem solver and consensus builder. She always seems to understand constituent concerns but isn’t afraid to take hard positions on complex issues. […] Read more


May County Board Meeting: Stratford School Driveway, Blue Ribbon Panel, CIP, And More

We completed our regular May County Board meetings on Tuesday. There was a lot to cover, and here are some of the highlights: New Stratford Middle School We heard over four hours of public, staff, commission, and expert testimony about whether the Board should permit a new driveway onto Old Dominion Drive at the Stratford site. […] Read more

May, 19, 2016



Why I Support Libby: James Fisher

“I support Libby Garvey because a long corporate career has taught me the importance of bringing a diversity of viewpoints to the table to make good decisions. Libby has the experience and strong Democratic values I support, but moreover she has shown the ability to bring new ideas to the County Board and drive positive […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Ron Bookbinder

“I appreciate Libby’s effective leadership as a catalyst and a change agent in implementing responsible spending, encouraging U.S. and foreign businesses to consider locating in Arlington, promoting LGBTQ equality, planning ahead for the need for more classrooms, and long ago initiating efforts to narrow the achievement gap.” — Ron Bookbinder Dominion Hills Resident


Why I Support Libby: Former School Board Member Abby Raphael

“It was my honor to serve on the School Board with Libby Garvey, who has worked throughout her career to ensure that at-risk students have the opportunities and resources to succeed in school and in life. During Libby’s 15-years on the School Board, Arlington significantly reduced the achievement gap, increased graduation rates, and our high […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Marguarite Gooden

“Thank you Libby for having the courage, in the face of opposition, to reach out to our community and include us in the decision-making process regarding Fire Station 8. Your actions demonstrated your willingness to be open and transparent. Valuing community engagement and participation has truly helped to restore trust in Arlington’s political process and […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: John Benton & David Briggs

“Libby has proposed and succeeded in moving to a more open government model including taking leadership of a new way to evaluate Arlington’s strategic priorities for the future. Her leadership has been refreshing, dynamic, and brought a common sense approach to governing.” — John Benton & David Briggs


Why I Support Libby: Michele-Anne & Mac Riley

“Throughout her time in public service, she’s applied smart, thoughtful, and common-sense practices to complex challenges, oftentimes providing the critical bridge between those with widely divergent viewpoints. Libby’s demonstrated grace under pressure; her non-stop “can do” determination, her listening ear and measured voice, and her impactful day-in and day-out record of achievement throughout her time […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Darnell Carpenter

“Libby’s contributions to Arlington County are her pragmatic and fiscally responsible, deliberative style whose accomplishments are lauded Countywide by citizens on both sides of the aisle, as well as by those who don’t participate in the political game. This speaks volumes about whom she is accountable to and that remains the Citizens of Arlington! Libby’s […] Read more


Why I Support Libby: Ray Anderson

“I’ve known Libby Garvey from before she was elected to the School Board, and have always respected her careful and considered approach to problems. She doesn’t rush in to find a quick solution; but when she has finished her study and come to a conclusion, she will be a strong and unwavering advocate for it.” […] Read more


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