I’m Running for Reelection to the Arlington County Board

Earlier this evening I announced that I am running for re-election to the Arlington County Board. I’ll be sending a letter (which is copied below for you) to the community, but wanted you to know right away.

I’ve been serving Arlington for 23 years now and love my job more than ever. I think I’m also more able than ever to serve Arlington well. I’ve learned a lot in my 23 years.

2020 is going to be a very exciting election year nationally and locally. We’ll be updating my website a little over the holidays, but if you’d like to get involved or contribute, you can sign up there now.

As always, I’m happy to hear your thoughts or answer questions about my work or my campaign.   —   Libby


Dear Friends,

As a public servant, mother, grandmother, and 42-year resident, I understand Arlington and how good public policies that serve everyone can move us forward without leaving anyone behind. After 15 years on the School Board and almost 8 years on the County Board, I know what our County needs and how to fight for it.

Personally, I’m enjoying my work more than ever. I learn something new every day and have the opportunity to make people’s lives better. I can’t imagine a better job.

My career in public service has focused on equity and wise spending. After college, my husband Kennan and I went to the Central African Republic with the Peace Corps to teach English. We returned to live in Arlington, and before long I became involved in our PTA. Our school system was plagued with inequity, so I fought for change. When advocacy from the outside didn’t work, I ran for School Board. In my time on the School Board, we closed the achievement gap by almost 50% on several measures, and we rebuilt or renovated nearly every school in Arlington. And, we did it on time and on budget. Good government is about equity and wise spending.

In my years on the County Board, I’ve continued to focus on equity and good fiscal management. I helped halt a streetcar that would have been an economic and transportation disaster for Columbia Pike and the County. I worked to support adoption of the Affordable Housing Master Plan, the Public Spaces Master Plan, the Community Energy Plan, the Child Care Initiative, our recent Equity Resolution, and more.

Looking forward, the arrival of Amazon and the burst of growth we are experiencing means that we must redouble our focus on affordable housing and managing development. That way, our population can grow sustainably while we enhance our green spaces, transit system, and stormwater management systems.

We must continue to find new ways to include everyone in our public processes, from development, to education, to our public infrastructure. Good government includes everyone from our newest and youngest residents to our older residents who have helped build our community over decades. Good government is inclusive and transparent.

Through 23 years of public service in Arlington, I have worked with people across the region and developed important networks. I offer you my experience, relationships, values, and commitment to continue to make Arlington a welcoming, inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

To learn more or if you’d like to support my campaign, I invite you to visit my website, LibbyGarvey.com, for updates throughout 2020. I’d love to hear from you about any particular concerns or thoughts you have about Arlington’s future.

I hope I earn your support and have your vote in the Democratic primary on June 9th.


Dec, 04, 2019