Thank you for all of your support throughout my reelection campaign this year. As Hillary Clinton has said, we are Stronger Together, and we have shown throughout our campaign how we can work together to be stronger and to realize our community’s potential.  Now, at the end of this campaign, I have one request of you: if you have not already, please vote tomorrow!

Polls are open tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th, from 6 am to 7 pm. You vote at your regular polling place. Please remember to bring an acceptable photo ID with you to the polls.

We have an extraordinary Democratic ticket from the school house to the White House. Please vote for me and the entire ticket: Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Don Beyer, Nancy Van Doren, and Tannia Talento. Please support all four Arlington County bonds, and please vote no on the “Right to Work” amendment, which unnecessarily tries to write a piece of law into the Virginia constitution.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to come out and vote as well.

After the polls close, please join me at the Arlington Democratic Election Night Party at Sehkraft Brewing in Clarendon. My fellow Democratic candidates and I will make brief remarks at around 8 pm, and then watch the results come in from coast to coast.

Nov, 07, 2016