Thank you!

We did it! Thanks to your gracious support, we won! What an election and what a result — a true team effort. I am proud to go on to November to represent you as the Democratic nominee for County Board.

I want to thank Erik Gutshall for running in this election. I’ve run fourteen campaigns myself, and I know how difficult it is to put yourself out there and to stand for office, especially as a first time candidate.

But this election is not about the individual candidates. This election is about all of us. And that is why I have based this campaign, as I have my service, on the idea that Arlington is a great community, but we have the potential be even better. It means working together to support each other in friendship, knowing that together we can achieve so much.

As with any campaign, I am thankful to so many people who have helped make today’s result a possibility. They are too numerous to list here, but I appreciate everyone’s contributions – time, effort, finances, and spiritual support.

Of course, this campaign is not over; the primary was just the beginning. We now go onto November, where we have very important races from the schoolhouse to the White House. I’m proud to join a Democratic ticket with such great women, Tannia Talento and Nancy Van Doren who are running for School Board, and our next president, Hillary Rodham Clinton. And not to discriminate, I’m also happy to share a ballot with one of the finest gentlemen in politics, our Congressman Don Beyer.

I’m excited to work with all of you as we go onward to November and beyond, to realize Arlington’s — and America’s — full potential.

Thank you,

Jun, 15, 2016