Why I Support Libby: Dave Leichtman

“Libby is a Democrat. Let’s go ahead and get that out of the way to start. Heck, Libby is the one who first recruited me to get involved with Arlington Dems, as she has with countless Young Dems. One need only spend an hour with her to realize that she’s clearly a hippy, pacifist, bike-riding, choir-singing Liberal. Yet there are some who think that a single transgression against the Party negates a lifetime of commitment to ideals. That’s utter nonsense, and it should be vigorously refuted.

“As a State Party official, I work hard to elect Democrats, and I dutifully support our nominees. But I care far more about our candidates’ commitment to ideals and their integrity than I do about Party labels. It is precisely a blind adherence to labels that has lead this country to some of its worst partisan polarization in history and has made aisle-crossing consensus-building a relic of the past. And at the local level, that kind of fundamentalism can only lead to counter-productive bickering and strife.

“Libby has run a relentlessly positive campaign, one that I’m proud to support. I’m tired of hearing naysayers tell me what’s wrong with our community and how horrible everything is. Let’s leave that kind of hyperbole to Trump. The fact is: Arlington is a vibrant, thriving community whose residents are happy to call it home. Libby is out there championing what is good and right in our community and having conversations about how we can be even better. Party labels be damned – that’s a campaign anyone should be proud of.

“It is clear to me that Libby upholds a core set of beliefs from which she never waivers and which we share. We don’t agree on everything that comes before the County Board, but we do agree on those guiding principles – a commitment to education, prioritizing basic services over vanity projects, and most importantly, empathy. It is Libby’s ability to empathize with residents of Arlington from every walk of life that appeals to me most about her character.

“But perhaps most importantly, Libby is my friend. I’ve known her for a decade (and I’ve know her family even longer). I was there with her when her husband died, there with her when she battled cancer, and there with her through every election she’s fought. And I will continue to be with her because I know Libby. Despite how she’s been characterized (or vilified) by some, she is one of the most thoughtful, loving, and kind people I know. And if you have a chance to get to know her, I’m certain you’d feel the same way. She loves her family, she loves her friends, and she loves her community.

“For all of these reasons, I’m proud to support Libby Garvey for reelection to the Arlington County Board. I hope you’ll join me in casting a vote for her on June 14th.”

Dave Leichtman
Bluemont Resident, APS Parent