Why I Support Libby: Former School Board Member Abby Raphael

“It was my honor to serve on the School Board with Libby Garvey, who has worked throughout her career to ensure that at-risk students have the opportunities and resources to succeed in school and in life. During Libby’s 15-years on the School Board, Arlington significantly reduced the achievement gap, increased graduation rates, and our high schools were ranked in the top 1% nationally. Together with the County Board and her School Board colleagues, she focused on renovating schools across the County, and when enrollment was projected to exceed capacity, effectively planned for additions and new schools. Libby played an important role in developing APS strategic plans, which have helped APS provide a high quality education for all students.”

Abby Raphael
Arlington School Board Member, 2007-15
Arlington School Board Chair, 2011-12, 2013-14