Libby Endorsed by Farm Team and WCF

Women’s Groups Back Libby Garvey

Arlington, VA – The Farm Team and Women’s Campaign Fund endorse Libby Garvey in the March 27 special election for the County Board seat being vacated as a result of Barbara Favola’s election to the Virginia Senate.

The Garvey campaign announced the support today of two significant women’s groups: The Farm Team, which is a Virginia state-wide group, and The Women’s Campaign Fund (WCF), which supports women candidates nation-wide.

The Farm Team said in their statement that “We are confident that Garvey has the experience, knowledge and skill to serve Arlington County effectively on the Board.” Read the Farm Team’s endorsement here:

WCF issued the following statement with their endorsement:

“As longstanding supporters of hers, WCF is proud to endorse Libby Garvey in her race for Arlington County Board,” said Siobhan Bennett, President/CEO of the Women’s Campaign Fund. “WCF is committed to building the pipeline of strong women leaders who support reproductive health choices and options for all, and we believe voices like Libby’s are what’s missing from government today.” Read WCF’s endorsement here:

Garvey, currently in her 16th year on the School Board and running for the Arlington seat vacated by Barbara Favola said “I am delighted to have the support of both of these outstanding organizations who do so much to support women in the political arena.”

Mar, 20, 2012