"Libby Garvey has a deep understanding of the critical issues confronting our community and public schools. I have often drawn on her knowledge and experience in addressing the challenges of the federal-state partnership in K-12 Education."
-- US Senator Jim Webb

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We Need a School, But We Got a Parking Lot

Our January organizational meeting had the usual speeches and the announcement of the Facilities Working Group that will take a long overdue holistic look at what property and facilities are owned by the County and what needs we will have over the next 20 years. I am hopeful this will help set the stage for a much needed County strategic planning process next year. You can  watch all the speeches and the meeting (my remarks are short and are at the 54 min and 35 second mark.)

Thomas Jefferson vote and school crowding: Our Regular January meeting was a huge disappointment to me.  We essentially told the School Board that the beautiful building they had designed that would have added 725 much needed elementary school seats, 1.6 acres of playing fields and improved traffic circulation to the Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Middle School site could not be built.  We thereby managed to save a large ugly parking lot and condemn South Arlington to acres of trailers at all their schools for years.

The school was to be completed in 2018. The extra students that will now not be in a school will require 45 trailers to house them. Currently, South Arlington has 37 trailers at our schools.  The Arlington Public School staff did a spectacular presentation and thoroughly answered every reasonable question and concern. You can watch the presentation and discussion. It is long, but well worth the time if you want to understand the issue and, I believe, how misguided the Board’s vote was. Here you see a picture of the parking lot we “saved” and the new playing field that we could have had over structured parking with the new school in the background. Schools have other less desirable, more expensive options that they now must look at.  Once they report on those, I suspect it will be clear to all that the school at TJ was by far the best solution and we have wasted precious time and money.

Pike Transit: In March we will get a report from the Manager about moving forward on improved transit on Columbia Pike now that we are not doing the streetcar.  I am very anxious that we move forward quickly to decide on and implement those transit improvements.  Street improvements like undergrounding of utilities and new transit stops will continue without the streetcar.  You can watch the manager’s report, which starts at about 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Libby’s New Year’s 2015 Remarks

Watch Libby’s remarks to the Arlington County Board during their 2015 Organizational Meeting on January 1st.

Libby’s New Years 2014 Remarks

Below is the full text of Libby’s remarks to the Arlington County Board on priorities and outlook for 2014. Also available on the Arlington County website.

Watch Libby’s remarks by clicking her and skipping to 1:06.

Happy New Year to everyone!

I would like to add my congratulations to Mr. Fisette and Mrs. Hynes for their new positions as our leadership team. They both bring many years of experience to guide us through 2014. Jay, I look forward to supporting your work meeting Arlington’s challenge this year.

My thanks to Mr. Tejada for being our Chair last year. Being Chair is not easy and 2013 was not all that easy a year. Mr. Tejada guided us well. Thank you, Walter.

And my congratulations and good wishes to Mr. Zimmerman on the next phase of his career. Chris, you have done much for Arlington. In your new position I know you will keep working to improve the urban experience for even more people. I wish you all the best.
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Libby’s Streetcar Remarks – July 16, 2013

At the July 16, 2013 meeting of the Arlington County Board, Libby presented the following remarks. Watch them here or read on for the full text.

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Libby on the Streetcar

Many folks write wanting to know Libby’s stance on Arlington’s proposed streetcar line for Columbia Pike. You can read her take in this April 19th Washington Post Editorial:
“Arlington streetcars fail the cost-benefit test”

And be sure to check out Libby’s interview with WJLA (ABc 7) News from May 10th.

Full story and more video available here.

Finally, be sure to head over to Arlingtonian’s for Sensible Transit and sign up today.