"Libby Garvey has a deep understanding of the critical issues confronting our community and public schools. I have often drawn on her knowledge and experience in addressing the challenges of the federal-state partnership in K-12 Education."
-- US Senator Jim Webb

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Libby’s New Year’s 2015 Remarks

Watch Libby’s remarks to the Arlington County Board during their 2015 Organizational Meeting on January 1st.

Libby’s New Years 2014 Remarks

Below is the full text of Libby’s remarks to the Arlington County Board on priorities and outlook for 2014. Also available on the Arlington County website.

Watch Libby’s remarks by clicking her and skipping to 1:06.

Happy New Year to everyone!

I would like to add my congratulations to Mr. Fisette and Mrs. Hynes for their new positions as our leadership team. They both bring many years of experience to guide us through 2014. Jay, I look forward to supporting your work meeting Arlington’s challenge this year.

My thanks to Mr. Tejada for being our Chair last year. Being Chair is not easy and 2013 was not all that easy a year. Mr. Tejada guided us well. Thank you, Walter.

And my congratulations and good wishes to Mr. Zimmerman on the next phase of his career. Chris, you have done much for Arlington. In your new position I know you will keep working to improve the urban experience for even more people. I wish you all the best.
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Libby’s Streetcar Remarks – July 16, 2013

At the July 16, 2013 meeting of the Arlington County Board, Libby presented the following remarks. Watch them here or read on for the full text.

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Libby on the Streetcar

Many folks write wanting to know Libby’s stance on Arlington’s proposed streetcar line for Columbia Pike. You can read her take in this April 19th Washington Post Editorial:
“Arlington streetcars fail the cost-benefit test”

And be sure to check out Libby’s interview with WJLA (ABc 7) News from May 10th.

Full story and more video available here.

Finally, be sure to head over to Arlingtonian’s for Sensible Transit and sign up today.

Libby’s New Years 2013 Remarks

Below is the full text of Libby’s remarks to the Arlington County Board on priorities and outlook for 2013.

Happy New Year!

I have been on the Board for 9 months now and, so far, this position has been all I thought it would be …..and more. I’m enjoying the work very much.

Congratulations to Walter Tejada on his second County Board Chairmanship. As noted, this is the first time that Walter is the Chair of this Board when a Latina, my good friend Dr. Emma Violand-Sanchez, is chairing the School Board. This is an important milestone for our community.

Congratulations also to Jay Fisette, our new, but very experienced, Vice Chair. Since I joined the Board, Jay has been particularly helpful in showing me the ropes, which I much appreciate. I know we are all in good hands with Jay and Walter at the helm.

I want to add my thanks to Mary Hynes for her leadership as Chair in 2012. I’ve seen that, just like on the School Board, all Board members work hard, but the Chair does 2-3 times more than the rest of us. That’s a lot of good hard work. Thank you, Mary.

And… I’d also like to thank everyone who helps to make this County what it is. Arlington is not perfect, but we’ve got a lot going for us:
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